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A message from Alex​​​​

The 3 Monkeys are Youth, Vitality and Energy. We believe in providing our clients the knowledge and the instruction to live a better, healthier, lifestyle. Working towards and achieving your goals should only be done in a fashion that is fun and creative because being active and living healthy is a lifestyle -- not another job.

Monkey See, Monkey Do… we’ll demonstrate the way to achieve your goals.

3 Monkeys Fitness & Lifestyle provides you with a plan, instruction and a knowledgeable resource to achieve your goals whether you are a first time exerciser and or an established athlete.




3 Monkeys is a full-service training studio, under the watchful eye of Alex Eid, which specializes in tailored one-on-one personal training and strength conditioning. 3 Monkeys also provides body-building competitor training and show preparation, mentoring and coaching.

Why 3 Monkeys?

Apart from their dubious distinction as the origin of human physiology, monkeys are the iconic symbol of “hear no evil”, “see no evil”, and “speak no evil”, which, for Alex, has come to embody both the good and bad of what the fitness industry means to many people.

“There is too much conflicting information about how to build muscle and lose weight,” says Alex. “And a lot of that information is repeated and perpetuated, leading many who embark on the fitness journey to do it the wrong way, risking injury, and for many, leading to frustration and ultimately failure. It takes courag​​e to do it right. But, as my clients will tell you, being strong and fit is the best gift you can give to yourself and to those around you.”

For more information about rates and programs, please contact 3 Monkeys at 416.3MONKEY (366.6539) or complete form in contact us​.

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